Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I can't complain...

The last couple days in the UK has been so beautiful! After weeks of rain and grey skies, this sudden burst of hot sun has been a sweaty but pleasant suprise lol.

Take a peek at my sisters and I enjoying the summer sun at the park!

See more exclusive photos on: http://ricciloveherlook.blogspot.com

Outfit- Blouse Primark, Skirt Oasis, Clutch bag Barrats, Belt NewLook and Shoes Primark


  1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's so cute that you're blogging from your mobile. Love how this post is vibrating fun moods. ♥

    Renee xx
    Operation: Fix Life

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  3. Your outfit looks cute!
    I am now following

    Cristina's Fashion Sense