Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I can't complain...

The last couple days in the UK has been so beautiful! After weeks of rain and grey skies, this sudden burst of hot sun has been a sweaty but pleasant suprise lol.

Take a peek at my sisters and I enjoying the summer sun at the park!

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Outfit- Blouse Primark, Skirt Oasis, Clutch bag Barrats, Belt NewLook and Shoes Primark

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rehab? No No No!

I just adore cocktails! The fruits, texture and crushed ice is just a dream in a glass.

My  ultimate favourite is a Mojito which is said to be a Cuban drink. The combinations of fresh mint leaves, Lemon juice and Rum is so refreshing!

The classic fashionista drink is a cosmopolitan, ever watched 'Sex And The City' and seen Carrie Bradshaw sipping the redish beverage in a pretty Martini glass? The lavish looking cocktail is made with Vodka, cointreau, lime juice and cranberry...so good! Makes you want to strut the streets of Manhatten in a pink tutu lol!

Take a look at my Instagram photos of all the delicious Cocktails Ive tried recently..it truly is a fashionistas drink!

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Yes.. Fashionista's do eat!

This July I have been eating so much! I have a love for food, especially Mexican & Chinese. If your following me on Instagram you would have already seen my #Foodporn photos lol! If not, follow my Instagram @shamiblogricci ... Diet and rabbit food soon!