Sunday, 15 April 2012

I dont always look great!

Blazer Dorethy Perkins, Blouse F21, Skirt Oasis, Shoes NewLook

Being a fashion blogger you kind of feel under pressure to look stylish and in tact at all times!
For me its not always the case!
I dont always like taking photos of myself, its maybe because I have insecuritys so when I do feel beautiful I try to capture that moment!

Today was a moment to capture, not only did I feel 'alright' emphasis on alright! The elements around me where so beautiful I could'nt help but photograph the landscape.

Photographs of me were taken by Sharn Ricci


  1. ahaha i find it difficult to take pictures of me, but i'll have a go posting pictures very soon when i can! love your skirt!

  2. love your skirt! :)

  3. Hiya! Found you on my group via IFB!

    Really cute skirt! And this post is so cute and flowery, love it!

    If you have time, please check out my blog too, and follow if you like it : ). I follow back!


  4. Hey! I just found your blog through IFB and I follow you.
    I totally know what you mean. I don't feel pretty everyday, too. Especially when I'm really stressed and I don't sleep enough or I just have one of these days... But I have to say, I find it hard to believe that YOU have those days after seeing these pictures! You are so beautiful!!

    If you could check out my blog, you would make me so happy!

  5. That skirt you're wearing is really cute!! And you're right, the place is lovely! :)

    Kisses! xxx

  6. LOVE the outfit! the dkirt is really pretty and the backgroung trees, too!

    always wondered how mobile blogger worked!


    1. gah...typos. SKIRT & BACKGROUND!